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 Заголовок сообщения: Chernobyl in September?
СообщениеДобавлено: 19 июн 2018, 13:36 
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I'd like to mention the last-minute availability of two slots on the upcoming Chernobyl educational and radiological training program that Erik Kambarian and I are coordinating in conjunction with the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP) on Sept. 6-12.This is an opportunity to--among other things--visit the interior of the world's most famous nuclear power plant, enter the "Local Zone" high-radiation work areas near the Shelter Object (Unit 4 sarcophagus), enter some parts of the Shelter Object, learn how radiation protection and work practices function in this unique environment, observe up-close and first-hand the progress on the New Safe Confinement, and visit the abandoned satellite city of Pripyat. Some radiological classroom and field activities will be included, and a certificate of course completion is issued by ChNPP. We provide transportation from Kiev to Slavutych, all transportation in the Exclusion Zone, lodging in Slavutych, mid-day meals at the ChNPP cafeteria (delicious Ukrainian food!), English-speaking translators and plant personnel, experience (this is my fourth trip), and a sense of adventure. The participant list is limited to 12 people and was full until this morning. Coordinating this program is not a commercial activity for Erik or myself...we're merely organizers and fellow attendees, so we think the cost is very approachable. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please send me a reply, an email or call me at ; I will send a PDF description of the planned activities and program cost. We'll strongly favor the participation of people with some career background in radiation safety or emergency response in the interest of having a common foundation for the discussions that happen at ChNPP. Airline travel to Kiev is NOT part of our program, and time is of the essence if you want good fares. I hope we might have another groupie along with us!Finally: please feel free and encouraged to bring gamma spec gear, basic Geiger counters, or what-have-you on this trip. They WILL get a workout. (Some high-end instruments may be export-controlled to Ukraine from the US or other jurisdictions...we can talk about that if it might be a problem.)

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