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 Заголовок сообщения: Travel in Chechnya & Dagestan: is it safe?
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Could I ask for some more: three British lads are going to do the Mongol Rally in 2018 (July to August). Doing a lot of research at the moment and it seems there are three ways to get from the Caucausus to Uzbekistan (I) the Caspian Ferry - several routes but the most frequent seems to be Baku to Turkmenbashi but I am concerned we might waste up to a week (may be more) waiting to get on, getting stuck on board and then getting off! (ii) to the south of the Caspian via Iran which sounds interesting but restrictive perhaps in terms of where you are allowed to go and there are visa issues (first trying to get one and second, once you have it in your passport it could make life harder in the future to get into the US or (iii) drive north through the Caucasus, around the top of the Caspian Sea via Astrakhan and then drop down from west Kazakhstan into Uzbekistan - but the road after Astrakhan seem terrible whilst driving through Southern Russia seems a little unsafe - dodgy Dagestan etc unless possible to drive around that area? I know things are constantly changing but does anyone have any views on what's the best option.

Please help.

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